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sexy racist motherfuckers. v.v

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one day to a new beginning

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“Another year over, and we’re still together

It’s not always easy… but I’m here forever!”

I’ve been through a huge hiatus, and spent almost 8 months away from tumblr. This time away made me realize that I can live without my blog, but I don’t want to. 

I’ve been here for more than 3 years now and I love it. I began as a supernatural blog (remember?!) and I was so lucky that I joined the best fandom of all fandoms. The livebloggs started and I reblogged everything like crazy, and then I started making friends and my friends forced me to watch all the shows that they watched… Suddenly I became a multi-fandom blog and now my life is all about tv shows, books, music and tumblr.

Everyone here in this follow forever is very important on my dash. My tumblr experience wouldn’t be the same without you, so I want to thank you for everything. I want to thank those who cheer me up when I’m down, those who make me smile with their replys, those who make incredible gifs and graphics and make my dash a beautiful place.

To you, and to everyone else that follows me, I wish a merry christmas and happy new year!

(I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone, but it’s hard to remember all the flawless blogs that I worship!!)

In no particular order:

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Thank you so much! 


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That was the best monologue in the movie. Because he realized he was already dead. He was supposed to die his entirely life. We pity those kids from poor districts. But have we ever stop to think of the careers? They were trained to this. Knowing they would most probably die. What kind of parents use their kids as a business? Trained to make them rich, or die. The children from 12 were poor and starving and weak. But most of them had their parents. Loving parents who would die to get some food to bring home for them. Cato and the rest of the careers lived under a fake mask of glory. And he realized it right before he died. “Is that what you wanted?” He screamed to the cameras. Was him blaming the Capitol? Or maybe, just maybe, was there a heartless mother back home, realizing she killed her child from the day he was born?


Though I agree with the majority of this, let’s not forget that Katniss only had one “Loving parents who would die to get some food to bring home for them.” Her father. And he did just that. Her mother was just a coward and was no more of a support system for her than the careers parents were for them.

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